Boca Raton, FL, USA


The Costa Rican Tradition

Costa Ricans love their coffee and use it as a way to socialize.  They usually take a few moments of their day to sit with their coffee, their pastries and their loved ones to recharge for the day.  Just like the English love their tea time, Costa Ricans treasure their coffee time. It was the one thing I missed when I came to America. This is why we founded Cafe-Tico.  


A Boca Soccer Mom and
an all-in Dad

We are Hazel and Richard. The dream of a cafe began in Costa Rica, where Hazel was born, and came to be here in Boca Raton, where Richard and Hazel live and have a family. Hazel is a social worker by day and a soccer mom by night and loves thrifting and crime shows. Dad is a New York born full-time Ph.D. student at FAU who loves to read about history. Together, we have two children and two cats. We are passionate about our coffee and about serving our community.  We would like to turn Cafe-Tico into a full time operation, so wait for the next update in our journey. We can’t wait to have our coffee truck ready.

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Our Current Setup

Depending on your needs we bring one, two or three tables. Our menu is completely customizable and typically includes an espresso bar, cold drinks including iced lattes, cold brew and lemonades and locally made Argentinian empanadas, homemade cupcakes, pastries and snacks. We can serve small gatherings or large crowds.


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